Acting Wasn’t Regarded As a Profession – Ramsey Nouah Talks About Old And New Nollywood

Years after he left TV for film, a lot of people still referred to him as Jeff Akin-Thomas before he would become Stanley after starring as the character, a rich kid, who, out of boredom, moved to Ajegunle to join a robbery gang in the 1996 Chico Ejiro classic, “Silent Night.”

“But then movies started coming out and I was answering different names, so people then got used to my own name, Ramsey Nouah. And that’s what all they call me now,” 

the actor tells Pulse during an exclusive interview.

At the time when Nouah made his debut, acting wasn’t regarded as a proper profession. They [actors] were calling people to act but received cold shoulders.

“Then if you told your parents that, ‘Oh, I want to act,’ your mother would look at you and say, ‘You must be out of your mind.’ You might even receive a couple of slaps for that. But we were passionate about it and we went into it, regardless.”

It’s 2018 and Nouah boasts a career that spans decades, with a host of awards and nominations including an Africa Movie Academy Award win, and an Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award nomination.

“I was just passionate. I didn’t realize that I was going to be this famous or this rich. Hallelujah somebody,” Nouah jokes. “That’s why it’s so hard for me to sometimes handle the fame. Usually, I just want to run away.”

Critical acclaim and AMVCA nominations (76, The Figurine) box-office record (30 Days in Atlanta), classics (Dangerous TwinsPower of Love, Silent Night), Nouah has, over the years, remained a relevant actor in the Nigerian film industry.

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Nouah attributes his relevance to going with the tide, flowing with the demography of the generation that has been from his time till now, and being selective about the movie roles he went for.

Before accepting any role, he considers certain factors: the story, the character and the technical quality of the film. “Then after that, we can start discussing fees, backings and all of that,” he says.”

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