Channels TV Attack APC Government: Have APC Fufilled Their Promises?

Seun Oki of Channels tv made a bold move on twitter, asking Nigerians if they remember any of the promises made by APC in 2015, and if they have not been fulfilled, they should reach out to them, and join the conversation.

As it is now we have not heard from APC on this subject matter, when we do we will let you know.

Seun Okin is quoted below;

“Can you remember some of the popular campaign promises of the in 2015? Tell us some you think they have fulfilled and if they have not, tell us too. We are live by 8pm, Join the conversation on on

Find below some of the responses from Nigerians on twitter to Channels tv


Before you go, in the comment section below;

  1. Name 1 or 2 promises APC made in 2015
  2. Name 1 or 2 promises APC have fulfilled since then

Be a patriotic Nigerian! don’t lie!


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