Laura Ikeji And Jaaruma Promotes Video of 4 Women Beating Up A Black Man

Laura Ikeji and Jaaruma Empire just surprise usall, as these 2 public figures promotes a video of 4 women beating up a black man that looks innocent and harmless.

Laura Ikeji posted the video on her instagram handle that has over 890,000 followers last night and it really got the attention of popular figures like Jaaruma Empirewho was pleased with the video.

Jaaruma later re-posted the video on her instagram handle and caption:

” I love the way they united and DEALT with him!!!! 2017/2018 THE YEARS OF #REVOLUTION”

Jaaruma who is widely respected in the north as a role model for young girls over there, shock us mor., Jaaruma recently led many of her followers to go and collect their PVCs this act alone won her numerous round of applause and accolades from top political heads like Atiku.

A lot of Laura Ikeji fans on instagram was shocked too, with the majority being pleased with the way the man was beaten up in the video.

More than 50,000 fans of Laura Ikeji has seen this video that looks like a violation of rights of a black man.

With this huge following of Linda Ikeji ‘s sister we are scared of the message she is passing to young and up coming girls that look up to her for direction or as a role model.

Check back soon for more development on this story

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