Michael Adiku Supply Us Weapons, Not Saraki

We got this line from the transcript obtained by Thisday.

Read on:

Question: How did you get this weapon?

It was through one retired policeman, Michael Adiku, he was the one that came with this ammunition.

Question: Describe the robbery

That faithful day, it was me, this man sitting beside men here, the five of us, I came to join them at Ajasse Ipo, then we took off to Offa. On getting there, me I now positioned everybody. Me I stood at that Total filing station junction, on getting there we now met that Michael, that dismissed police officer. He came down from one Audi, there was a Nissan parked in front of us, he came down from the Audi and removed guns from the Nissan – five AK47s and gave it to us, and I shared it between the five of us inside our Benz.

Question: Back to this question again were the state governor or Bukola Saraki aware of the robbery before you went for it, did they send you?

They did not send us to the robbery but because we are their political thug that was what led us to that robbery.

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