The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore, has come out to say that the 2019 presidential election was not free and fair.

The activist who is obviously not on the winning traing in the ongoing Nigerian election process, was one of the 73 presidential candidates who were on the ballot for the February 23 election, but he believes the process was rigged.

The candidate took to his Twitter account early on Tuesday, February 26, to lament about the conduct of the election.

“Good morning Nigeria! Elections are over, but it is de javu! This election wasn’t free and fair. As you can see, even the “winners” can’t celebrate! #TakeItBack,” he posted.

A day after the election, Sowore had described the election as “an act of aggression against Nigerian voters”.

Sowore has only scored a total of 8,083 votes in all 12 states even though he had previously said it was a three-horse race between him and the top two candidates.

“If there’s a free and fair election, there’s no way we’ll lose. It has turned to a three-horse race in which the AAC, the PDP, and the APC are the main competitors,” he said last week.

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