The Next Titan Season 5 2018: How To Register

The Next Titan Reality TV show season 5 2018 is on. interested entrepreneurs should start considering registering for this wonderful life-changing reality Tv show for entrepreneurs with huge dreams.

Details about the registration into The next Titans Reality Tv show can be found below.

About The Next Titan Reality Tv Show

The TV Reality Show which is in its fifth season gives an opportunity to young talented Nigerians who have great and innovative business ideas to compete against one another in real-life entrepreneurial challenges in a bid to ultimately win Five Million Naira and a Brand New Car to start their new business or to support their existing business

. Each week the budding entrepreneurs will be divided into two teams to tackle a business task- led by their supervisors. After completing each task, both teams return to the weekly boardroom to discuss their experiences and give their report before the board of judges, and in the boardroom, a team will be declared a winner or a loser.

The winners will be rewarded with a treat while the losing team will nominate some of their colleagues for eviction, and this process with argument that follows will enable the board of judges to evict at least one of the candidates from the competition. And the eviction process can be twisted in some other boardrooms. The eventual winner of The Next Titan Season 5 will walk off with N5, 000,000 and a brand new car for the support of his/her business idea.

The show is open for all Nigerians between the ages of 21 and 40, and designed as entertainment with thrilling and exciting format but its primary purpose is to change the mind-set of the people by awakening the entrepreneurial spirit of young Nigerians thereby accepting responsibility of being masters of their own destinies.

The reality show is a global standard television platform aims at practically engineering entrepreneurship among Nigerian youths through identifying

the best business minds and supporting their entrepreneurial acumen through financial and logistical assistance, informal training, knowledge and other requisite services needed to propel them into successful business personalities

The judges of the show are top Nigerian business leaders who will take advantage of their positions as judges to mentor the contestants and millions of viewers. The mentorship aspect of the show will also entails the visiting of other young successful entrepreneurs to the house of the contestants on weekly basis.

Step 1: Requirment

  1. You must be a bona-fide Nigerian citizen.
  2. You must be at least 21 years of age and not more than 40 years old.
  3. You must be in excellent physical and mental health.
  4. You must be willing and able to move into and reside in the “The Next Titan House/Academy” in Lagos for the duration of the 10 weeks/episodes of the reality show.
  5. You must be willing and able to cover all your travel expenses to and from the location of the “The Next Titan House/ Academy” where all contestants will be resident throughout the duration of the reality show.
  6. You must be willing and able to fully participate for the duration of the 10 weeks/episodes of the show, based on the dates set by the Producers.
  7. You must be willing and able to peaceful co-exist with the other contestants who will be your housemates in the “The Next Titan House/Academy” during the duration of the show.
  8. You must be a Graduate or at least an undergraduate of a recognized Higher Institution of Learning; and must be willing to show originals of your birth certificate, academic certificates and professional certificates (if any).
  9. You must be willing to attend regional auditions in the location nearest to you out of the audition centres across Nigeria.
  10. You must be willing to assume full responsibility for the consequences of your participation in this show, should you be selected as one of the contestants.
  11. If selected as a participant, you may have to fill and/or sign various documents and forms including: Application Form; Eligibility Requirement Document; and Voluntary Participation Agreement.
  12. Neither you nor any of your immediate family members, or anyone resident in your household may be an employee, officer, producer, director or agent of any of the following entities: Bravopoints International Ltd; Heritage Bank Plc; other Sponsors; and Production Consultants.
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Note: In addition to the above, please note that the Producers reserve the right to judge ineligible any person who the Producers determine, in their sole discretion, is sufficiently connected with the production, administration, judging, or distribution of the “The Next Titan” Reality Show such that his or her participation in the show could create the appearance of impropriety

Step 2: Terms and Conditions Of the Next Titan

I hereby acknowledge and confirm that:

  1. I have read, I meet and I agree to be bound by the eligibility requirements for “The Next Titan” (otherwise known as ‘the Show’) as set out in this document.
  2. If any of the information I gave in my application form is at any point found to be false, I understand and I agree that this will be sufficient grounds for my disqualification from the Show’s contestant (participant) selection process and/or from the Show itself, even if I had previously been selected.
  3. All decisions by the Producers regarding the selection of the contestants are final and not subject to appeal or challenge.
  4. I agree to keep strictly confidential all the information that I acquire about the Show during the selection process for contestants and/or my participation in the Show.
  5. I agree that my voice, actions, and likeness may be recorded as a part of this application and participant selection process and I understand that the Producers may decide, but are in no way obligated, to actually use such recordings during the Show.
  6. The Producers are not obligated to return any materials submitted by me as part of the participant selection process, whether or not I am actually selected to be a contestant. The Producers may, but are in no way obligated to use any such materials in, and in connection with, the Show.
  7. If I am short-listed by the Producers; I agree to undergo psychological and medical screening, the full details of which will be explained to me in advance.
  8. I agree to authorize the Producers to conduct background checks to verify and information supplied by me in the application form.
  9. If I am short-listed, I hereby assign to Bravopoints International Ltd the Right to use my photographs, likeness, profile, voice, sound effect, and other materials for the purpose of the Show and/or any related publicity and marketing whether or not I am actually selected as a contestant, whether for the season I applied for, or for the subsequent seasons of the show that I am not part of.
  10. I am not an employee of Bravopoints International Ltd and related entity.
  11. I am a bona-fide (legal) Nigerian citizen.
  12. I am between the 21-40 years age bracket.
  13. I am a bona-fide graduate or undergraduate of a recognized Institution of Higher Learning
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Step 3: Register to Heritage bank Octopus Community

Click here to register to Heritage Octopus Community

Step 4: Fill A Form

This form has all your bio data like your full name date of birth state of origin etc

Step 5; Follow The Next Titan On social Media

That’s all, wish you good luck.

Click here to begin your registration.

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