Timi Dakolo Banned From Performing In Abuja

A lady in Abuja has insinuated that Timi Dakola has been banned from performing in Abuja

This is getting serious since the soul gospel singer start shaking some tables.

Especially the tables in the capital city of Abuja.

There’s been a lot of speculation about Timi’s music career, people has been fearing for the singers life. As expected someone has throw an obvious threat at Timi.

Saying he should not come to Abuja again to perform, Timi posted this on his instagram page and we can’t take this threat as a joke

Nigeria police should please take note.

Meanwhile let’s quote one angry duchessayo… From instagram,

“Timi, how have your comment saved a soul? Or edify anyone? Who will read this n give his or her life to Christ? I’m ashamed of u, God picked u from d gutter to set u among d great, n u think uve arrived so u have d power to judge, Hmmm it’s a pity bcos uve limited yrself already Abuja Inst a place u can perform anymore, for d record do u think k Muslim leaders don’t do stuff? But u can see them critizing them do think they are stupid?no they are wise leaving God to judge, it’s only in Christianity a falling g soldier is left to die by his colleges, you’re wicked Timi to come to SM announced expose and disgrace a spiritual father, why don’t you pray for God to change the person you are talking about, since ure Mr perfect. Ure a disgrace to Christianity, go read gen9:22-27 goodnight”

To add to this story a lot of angry fans of the singer took to the instagram comments section of his handle and air their opinions.

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Some of them didn’t take it likely with Nigerian Christians

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