Young innocent girls asks “How To Stop My Boyfriend From Hacking my Phone” this is a serious issue and we have the answer.

“My boyfriend is hacking my phone and he will know about us” she refuted.

I replied,

“that’s not true, your boyfriend cannot just be hacking your phone without your consent, unless you allow him to”

I saw her walking down the street close to my house, so I walked up to her and started chatting her up, down in our conversation she made the statement above about her phone being hacked by her boyfriend.

I tried to convince her but she wouldn’t believe me. So I said I must write an article about this phenomenon.

How To Stop My Boyfriend From Hacking my Phone

So about 5:30 am in the morning I woke up from the dream.

By 6am I wrote the first draft of this article, listing at first 11 steps to stop your boyfriend from hacking your phone.

After that, I went to the bathroom to wee. I came back and added one last one, which is don’t give your boyfriend any excuse or reason to start hacking your phone in the first place.

First, is it a crime to be in a relationship

Being in a relationship is not a crime. The two parties has agreed to be together and to love each other.

They didn’t sign to be watched by themselves or by anyone. They didn’t sign off their freedom. Because if that’s the case majority of people that goes into relationships today especially dating. Wouldn’t even bother.

Some don’t mind settling with sex alone as far as they will get their freedom anytime they want.

But lately, gaining freedom in a relationship especially one that the male sex is seriously in love is very difficult and girls are getting tired and irritated and bored in this kind of relationship.

Some girls love, while some are in for the money or fame or power.

So they rather stay in the relationship and lose their freedom.

The guy keeps watching her every move and she has nothing to do about it. Sometimes she knows about these secret agenda of the guy, sometimes she don’t. (innocent poor girl)

But why do guys love to track their lover? why do they engage in the act of hacking their lovers mobile phone when they know that it can lead to the end of the relationship.

Sometimes they do it because of mistrust, fearing that the other party is cheating or not being loyal.

This, of course is heart breaking. But its not that wise to keep tracking your girlfriend all the time. Because any sign of mistrust from you will trigger a disdain from her to you. And you don’t want the later.

However this post was written for girls who are tired of being tracked or hacked by their deeply lost-in-love boyfriend.

This post is for girls who has been asking “How To Stop My Boyfriend From Hacking my Phone” and who needs answers asap?

Below I have listed 12 steps to take to stop your boyfriend from hacking your phone and get your freedom back!

How To Stop My Boyfriend From Hacking my Phone” 12 Steps To Take

1. Disable location in your phone, only on your location when the need arises.

2. Disable GPS in your phone, only on your phone GPS only when you have to.

3. Set your phone to 1 minutes lock after inaction. That way your boyfriend can’t just snap up your phone while you are away just because your phone took too long to lock.

4. Set your phone to allow only you to install apps. There should be an app for that, that will make only you the authorised user that can install apps in your device.

5. Do a periodic check of your phone for unusual app you don’t know of, it’s very important to do a periodic check on your phone of any funny app lying there unknown to you. If you suspect the app then just go ahead and delete it.

6. Don’t give him your password to your phone, I know you love him, but if truly he loves you too he will respect your privacy.

7. Check your name in his phone, if you can access his phone,s check to see whether your name is in a suspecting app in his phone.

8. Check your phone number in his phone, if you have access to his phone do a general search of your phone number in his phone to see whether its in a suspecting app.

9. If he truly loves you just tell him you are against phone hacking. He might obey your request and put a stop to the damn act.

10. Do a periodic cleansing of your phone, every once in a while clean your phone from different activities like caching. That way you can be on the safer side and free yourself of any hiding files in your smart device.

11. Unroot your mobile device, because when your phone is easily rooted anyone can just edit the source code of the phone directly.

12. Don’t give him reasons to hack your phone, be real and open up to him, if he is not cheating on you don’t cheat on him, don’t act strange when he is around.

That’s how to stop your boyfriend from hacking your phone.

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